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Elaine Chew on Musical Hearts and Heart Music at DAFx20in22 Vienna keynote

On Musical Hearts and Heart Music was the closing keynote at DAFx20in22 which took place 6-10 September 2022 at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna) in Austria.

On Musical Hearts and Heart Music, keynote by Elaine Chew at DAFx20in22
HeartFM demo with real-time visualisation of music MIDI and performer physiology (ECG,HRV,breathing)

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Many thanks to super host Gianpaolo Evangelista and team who unknowingly took on three conferences when signing on to host DAFx2020, Peter Balazs and Werner Goebl for the kind invitation,

and Juliette Chabassier for providing the latest Modartt Pianoteq for the HeartFM demo.