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New! Stolen Rhythms collection in CosmoNote for Global Atrial Fibrillation Aware Week #GAFAW2022

This week is Global Atrial Fibrillation Aware Week, 21-27 November 2022, #GAFAW2022. Three new arrhythmia collage music pieces – IV. March, V. Nocturne, VI. Adagio – have been added to the Stolen Rhythms collection, based on a Holter recording of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. The information layers are revealed in a new CosmoNote Collection at Enjoy!

VIDEO (1:12) : A quick overview of the Stolen Rhythms atrial fibrillation collage music pieces in CosmoNote

CosmoNote is equipped with a number of tools for annotating time series data designed for music and linked biosignals. Those with knowledge of reading ECGs are invited to try the CosmoNote tools for annotating the ECGs in Stolen Rhythms (quick instructions below). Expert annotations for Stolen Rhythms with explanations coming soon. All are invited to annotate the music collections.

VIDEO (1:14) : A very short introduction to annotating ECGs in CosmoNote

This new online collection, Stolen Rhythms, is part of an exhibit for the European Research Council (ERC) Annual Event, Citizen Science and Frontier Research, to take place in hybrid format at the ERC Executive Agency in Brussels and online on 7 Dec 2022. Register to receive the live stream.

New! Stolen Rhythms Collection in CosmoNote