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Cardiology Meets Physics and Mathematics in the Zakopane Mountains

Cardiology Meets Physics and Mathematics is an international workshop organized at the Conference of the Association of Non-Invasive Electrocardiology and Telemedicine 10-13 April 2024 in Zakopane, Poland. This year was the 30th anniversary of the conference, and a very interesting scientific programme accompanied the celebrations. More than 1000 participants, including cardiologists, technicians, researchers, engineers, and nurses, shared their knowledge about the newest findings in cardiology.

The view on Tatry – the highest Polish mountains. Photo by Mateusz Soliński

The CMPM workshop agenda varies each year. In the recent edition, there were three main topics: cardiovascular hemodynamics, electrophysiology, and molecular biology.

Mateusz Soliński showed preliminary results of the HeartFM study on listeners with normal and elevated baseline blood pressure. His work titled, “Network physiology in musical contexts: Time delay stability analysis of music-induced physiological responses” (Mateusz Soliński, Vanessa Pope, Natalia Cotic, Pier Lambiase, Elaine Chew) depicted the differences in the response to music between these two groups using a physiological networks analysis technique called “Time Delay Stability”. The same method had been previously applied to physiological and musical data collected from a trio of musicians and presented at the Computing in Cardiology 2023 Conference in Atlanta (more information here).

Mateusz Soliński presents his work at the Cardiology Meets Physics and Mathematics workshop

In between presentations, participants could enjoy the amazing view of Poland’s highest mountains and taste delicious local kitchens, including traditional sheep cheese called ‘oscypek’ (highly recommended!).