A Little Ditty for ISMIR 20

Seventeen years ago, I was invited by Michel Fingerhut to attend the 3rd ISMIR (International Conference on Music Information Retrieval) at IRCAM. It was my first introduction to the institution. I also met my first postdoc, Anja Volk, now a prominent member of the ISMIR community at this ISMIR.

In an email to senior members of ISMIR, Douglas Turnbull requested for a short 30-60 second video that could be:
• An early memory of from an early ISMIR conference
• An important music-IR breakthrough that happened at ISMIR
• An over-hyped idea that never really panned out
• A long lost idea that deserves to be resurrected
• A keynote, panel, talk, or poster that left a big impact on the contributor
to be shared at the 20th ISMIR conference in Delft (4-8 November 2019) and on social media.

In time, the series of videos from all contributors will be released. For now, this was my contribution, recorded at IRCAM. — EC