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Daniel Bedoya leads CosmoNote Preview at CitSciVirtual 2021

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CosmoNote, our citizen science platform for annotating performed musical structures, will be previewed at CitSciVirtual 2021 in a dedicated workshop and a poster. CitSci2021 gathers hundreds of Citizen and Community Science practitioners, teachers, and students from around the globe for workshops, posters, and networking events throughout the month of May.

Authors: Daniel Bedoya (CNRS–UMR9912/STMS (IRCAM)), Lawrence Fyfe (CNRS–UMR9912/STMS (IRCAM)), Corentin Guichaoua (CNRS–UMR9912/STMS (IRCAM)), Elaine Chew (CNRS–UMR9912/STMS (IRCAM)

WORKSHOP: CosmoNote-enabled active listening and transcribing of expressive music structures

WEDNESDAY, 5 May 2021, 17h00-18h30 CET

Abstract: Active listening promotes appreciation for music and the work of musicians, invaluable cultural artefacts. CosmoNote is a citizen science interface for marking musical structures created in performance. The workshop will describe the conception and design of the CosmoNote interface, demonstrate how users can use its visualization and annotation tools to identify and mark the communicated structures, learn about music performance, engage in real-time annotation of performances, and see a live analysis of their collective annotations. Interactions with the investigators will provide opportunities to learn about and discuss the use of citizen science for research on music performance and music cognition.


CosmoNote annotations
Example of CosmoNote information layers and annotations with context window

POSTER: CosmoNote: Visualizing expressive music information layers and public engagement in annotating performed music structures

TUESDAY, 11 May 2021, 18h00 CET

Abstract: Music listening is a ubiquitous activity for most people. Music is communicated through performance; performers introduce acoustic variations to help listeners parse the music through segmentation and prominence. Such structures are widely studied from a computational point of view. Humans are able to abstract subtle, but important aspects of the structures conceived and shaped by the performer(s). CosmoNote is a citizen science tool to aid in the study of such performed structures. The interface provides representations of music along with custom visualizations of its prosodic and harmonic features. It enables users (non-musicians and musicians alike) to identify and mark music structures in performance, with training videos and examples. Attendees will learn about the CosmoNote platform, see annotation examples, and learn about performed music structures such as boundaries, transitions, groupings and tipping points.


ABOUT CitSciVirtual 2021

Event overview: CitSciVirtual will take place throughout the month of May, melding the best elements of in-person conferencing with the unique opportunities of connecting online. Influencers, innovators, leaders, and learners from across this broad field of practice will join each other from home and around the globe, sharing insights and questions through both synchronous and asynchronous engagement experiences. Taking place in the Citizen Science Association (CSA)’s new event and membership networking space, this is an unprecedented opportunity to build a visible identity and to forge lasting connections.