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Emma Frid Featured in the WoNoMute Interview Series

Emma Frid was recently featured in the Women Nordic Music Technology (WoNoMute) interview series. In the interview, she describes her research focused on designing accessible musical interactions for users with special needs, what sparked her interest in technology, and her experiences of being a woman in the music technology field.

WoNoMute was founded by Anna Xambó in August 2018 and aims to promote and connect the work of women in music technology at local, national, and international levels. WoNoMute organizes seminars and workshops related to music technology. The interview series features women in music tech such as Rebecca Fiebrink, Natasha Barrett and many more. Read the full interview here.

Illustration: 9 Women in Music Tech (WoMuTe) Heroes by Oscar Martinez Castells. From left-right top-bottom: Ada Lovelace, Margaret Schedel, Laurie Anderson, Liz Phillips, Teresa Rampazzi, Laurie Spiegel, Delia Derbyshire, Hilde Marie Holsen, and Holly Herndon.