Katherine Kinnaird inventor of Aligned Hierarchies visits for sabbatical

A warm welcome to Katherine Kinnaird. We are very happy Katherine has chosen to spend her sabbatical from Smith College’s Department of Computer Science and Program in Statistical & Data Sciences with us here at King’s College London. Katherine has been an active member of the Women in Music Information Research (WiMIR) community and is known for her work in music structure analysis.

Katherine M. Kinnaird works at the intersection of machine learning and cultural analytics, specifically concerning music information retrieval and text analysis. Broadly, she researches the dimension reduction problem, representing high-dimensional and noisy sequential data as a low-dimensional object that encodes relevant information. Katherine earned her PhD at Dartmouth College (Hanover NH, USA) in mathematics and proposed the Aligned-Hierarchies for representing all possible musical structure hierarchies aligned on a common-time axis. Currently she is the Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Statistical & Data Sciences at Smith College (Northampton MA, USA). During her postdoctoral work at Brown University (Providence RI, USA), she worked with two different faculty members on projects related to health care, and she is looking forward to working with the COSMOS project on statistical and data analyses of music and physiological (cardiovascular) data

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