Music Information Research @ Computing in Cardiology 2019 Singapore

We presented three papers, two as oral presentations and one as a poster, at the Computing in Cardiology international scientific conference to take place 8-11 September 2019 in Singapore. Each paper introduced some aspect(s) of music information research as it/they can be applied to cardiovascular science. In addition, the Arrhythmia Suite (collage pieces based on ECGs of abnormal heart rhythms) was shown at the conference banquet, synced with the ECG trace.

CinC 2019 Final - AF StratificationMishra, Saumitra, Sreehari Rammohan, Khalid Z. Rajab, Gurpreet Dhillon, Pier Lambiase, Ross Hunter, Elaine Chew (2019). Atrial Fibrillation Stratification Via Super-Resolution Analysis of Fibrillatory Waves. In Proceedings of Computing in Cardiology. [ Submission 353: abstract | preprint | pdf ]

CinC 2019 Final - Cardiac_Response_to_Live_Music_PerformanceChew, Elaine, Peter Taggart, Pier Lambiase (2019). Cardiac Response to Live Music Performance: Computing Techniques for Feature Extraction and Analysis. In Proceedings of Computing in Cardiology. [ Submission 445: abstract | preprint | pdf ]

CinC_2019_Final - TKaplan_EChewKaplan, Thomas and Elaine Chew (2019). Detecting Low Frequency Oscillations in Cardiovascular Signals Using Gradient Frequency Neural Networks. In Proceedings of Computing in Cardiology [ Submission 405: abstract | preprint | pdf ]