ERC Advanced Grants 2017 Announced

COSMOS: Computational Shaping and Modeling of Musical Structures is selected for funding in the Advanced Grant category by the European Research Council. The project aims to use data science/analytics and citizen science to understand music structures, particularly as they are experienced and made in performance, and also in unusual sources such as arrhythmic heartbeats.

The ERC Advanced Grants in brief (source)

  • For well-established top researchers of any nationality or age, who are scientifically independent and have a recent high-level research track-record and profile which identifies them as leaders in their respective field(s).
  • Based on a simple approach: 1 researcher with his/her team, 1 host institution, 1 project, 1 selection criterion: scientific excellence.
  • The host institution should be based in the European Research Area. This can be the institution where the researcher is already working, or a new one. The host institution can be changed in the course of the project if the researcher so wishes (“portability of the grant”).
  • No consortia or co-funding are requested.
  • Funding: up to €2.5 million per grant (can exceptionally go up to €3.5 million, in case of purchase of major equipment, mobility from another continent, etc.).

Summary statistics
For the ERC ADG 2017 cohort, 269 proposals were selected from 2167 for funding (≈12% success rate). COSMOS is one of 13 proposals funded under the Social Sciences and Humanities Panel SH5 (Cultures and Cultural Production). Four of these were by female Principal Investigators. US nationals received 14 ADG grants, of these four were by female Principal Investigators.

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