Une affaire de cœur for Bernard Lubat Day @ Complex Systems Institute Paris

Postponed due to Paris Transportation Strike. Postponed/canceled due to COVID.

Elaine Chew will give a performance and lecture, “where do musical structures live?” at the “Around Bernard Lubat” Day, performing Pierre Boulez’s Piano Sonata No. 1, and variations of the piece based on cardiac arrhythmias (work from the ERC project COSMOS). Bernard Lubat, in collaboration with OMax, will create a hybrid improvisation based on the virtual Pierre Boulez derived from Chew’s performance.

Meetings “Around Bernard Lubat: music, technology, politics”
Monday, 9 December 2019 – 14h-18h30
Complex Systems Institute of Paris (ISC-PIF) Auditorium

Organized by Marc Chemillier (CAMS) and Gérard Assayag (IRCAM) and with the support of IRIS “Création, cognition, société” (PSL)

For the past fifteen years, multi-instrumentalist jazz improviser Bernard Lubat has been collaborating with M. Chemillier and G. Assayag around computer systems promoting improvised human-machine co-creativity. A CD is due to be released soon to review this research. As a prelude to this publication, the “Around Bernard Lubat” Day will features these interactions between the musician and the software, in a meeting combining performances, conferences and discussions. Surrounded by specialists in music informatics and complexity science, Bernard Lubat will discuss the place of technology in our society, in music of course but also in areas that are dear to him such as politics, at a time when democracies are confronted with online manipulation algorithms. Bernard Lubat will also talk about his rapport with composer Pierre Boulez, creator of IRCAM, which opened up for him new possibilities in the use of musical technologies but also in composition and piano playing. Boulez’s works will be performed during the afternoon, which will culminate in the live creation of a hybrid monster performance by software that will combine Lubat’s playing with Boulez’s piano writing.

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