Prof. Michael Casey (Dartmouth College) Visits

See also Prof. Michael Casey’s talk (video)
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Composer-neuroscientist-informatician Michael Casey, James Wright Professor of Music and Professor of Computer Science at Dartmouth College, meets the COSMOS team and shares the impressive work he and colleagues have done on re-constructing aural stimuli and music imagery from high-resolution fMRI brain scans (see seminar announcement) — yes, it is possible to reconstruct audio of music one hears from fMRI brain scans. Among the things Michael is doing during his sabbatical is editing recordings of his trio (he is the pianist) improvising for a CD release.

Michael’s 1’30” interview will soon be posted at ircam.fr; the seminar was recorded and live streamed on 11 March 2020, and will shortly be archived at the medias.ircam.fr.

We are doubly grateful for Michael’s visit at a time when US universities are starting to advise against travel and just before the EU-US travel ban. US citizens and permanent residents are exempt from the travel ban, but Michael is now self-quarantined at home for 14 days. He graciously says he hopes to make the best of the situation to make some progress on a couple of articles, book chapters, and a graduate seminar on Sound Analysis, Synthesis, and DSP, to be delivered on-line in the Spring. 

This is the first Ircam seminar hosted by COSMOS. Following President Emmanuel Macron’s speech on 12 March 2020, to combat covid19, all speaking activities (seminars, conferences) at Ircam have been canceled until 19 April 2020. Seminars and conferences are expected to resume after.