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Solveig’s Song on No. 42

With the COVID-19 pandemic gaining in strength, it may be a matter of days before we cannot access the labs and studios for some time. In anticipation, we spent Thursday, 12 March 2020, recording audio, video, and MIDI data on the Bösendorfer VC280 Enspire PRO No. 42.

Aline Morel, Ircam’s Technical Production Manager, helped book the space and set up the camera for the recordings. Jérémie Bourgogne and Jérémie Henrot of the Ircam Production team helped ensure we had three sets of microphones set up for simultaneous recording to evaluate the sound quality and select the best mic for our purposes (see pictures below).

Which do you prefer?*

* Because the difference is subtle, if possible, listen with headphones or a good sound system, i.e. not via earpods or laptop speakers.

Sound engineer and PhD candidate Daniel Bedoya and pianist Elaine Chew selected the one paired with the video below.

Can you tell which set of mics we picked?

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Here are some pictures of the microphone setups:

One thought on “Solveig’s Song on No. 42

  1. The difference is subtle, indeed! Would I say the Grieg Take 2 S?
    Nice play and a beautiful song!

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