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The Making of CosmoNote: Lawrence Fyfe and Daniel Bedoya present video and field questions at Web Audio Conference

CosmoNote software engineer Lawrence Fyfe presents an exposé of the gnarly innards of the citizen science platform for annotating performed structures at the Web Audio Conference (WAC2021) in an 8-minute video produced by sound engineer and perception analytics doctoral researcher Daniel Bedoya, also a co-author. The conference scheduled 5-7 July 2021 in Barcelona, Spain, will take place online. See the conference paper material online. Lawrence and Daniel will be fielding questions in the WAC2021 Gather Town on Tuesday, 6 July 2021.

CosmoNote: A Web-based Citizen Science Tool for Annotating Music Performances
Lawrence Fyfe, Daniel Bedoya, Corentin Guichaoua, Elaine Chew

Abstract: CosmoNote is a web-based citizen science tool for annotating musical structures, with a focus on structures created by the performer during expressive musical performance. The software interface enables the superimposition of synchronized discrete and continuous information layers which include note data representations, audio features such as loudness and tempo, and score features such as harmonic tension in a visual and audio environment. The tools provide the means for users to signal performance decisions such as segmentation and prominence using boundaries of varying strengths, regions, comments, and note groupings. User-friendly interaction features have been built in to facilitate ease of annotation; these include the ability to zoom in, listen to, and mark up specific segments of music. The data collected will be used to discover the vocabulary of performed music structures and to aid in the understanding of expressive choices and nuances.

Fyfe, L, D Bedoya, C Guichaoua, E Chew (2021). CosmoNote: A Web-based Citizen Science Tool for Annotating Music Performances. In Proceedings of the Web Audio Conference, Online, 5-7 July 2021.

An Online Web Audio Conference: The Gather.Town virtual conference rooms of WAC2021

Behind the scenes: Daniel Bedoya and Lawrence Fyfe producing the WAC2021 presentation