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New release: Le Piano Virtuose Trailer

The CNRS has released a tongue-in-cheek “trailer” ( ) for the CNRS Images short film about the Cosmos project, Le Piano Virtuose on its Zeste de Science YouTube channel.

Here are the words in the trailer in English, as translated by Charlotte Chew with minor refinements by Alexandre François:

Here it/he is. Alone, yet strangely, it/he lives.
~~ An incredible encounter with a virtuoso unlike any other ~~
Who is it/he really? Instrument (it)? Or artist (he)?
And who is she to it/him? A professor? Its soul?
~~ A unique experience ~~
Enter the universe of music.
Let yourself be transported by its/his melodies.
And it/he will reveal all to you.

A member of the Café des sciences, Zest de Science is a CNRS YouTube channel devoted to science popularization.