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Inaugural Sci Foo Alumni Lightning Talk Series now public

Each year, pre-COVID, the organizers of the Science Foo Camp (Sci Foo) – O’Reilly, Google, Digital Science and Nature – gather scientific researchers, writers, educators, artists, policy makers, investors, and other thought-leaders from across the globe for a weekend of in-depth conversations about their work and concerns. These unconferences have no predefined agenda. Attendees create their own schedule of informal, wide-ranging talks on the first night. A highlight each year is the Lightning Talks, “5-minute bursts from the firehose of science”.

Thanks to the pandemic, the illustrious organizers – namely, Cat Allman from Google, Marsee Henon of O’Reilly Media, and Adam Flaherty – have created an online series of Lightning Talks for and by Alumni of the Sci Foo gatherings. The success of the inaugural event on 13-15 May 2021 prompted the organizers to obtained permission from speakers (many have agreed) to share these talks in a public arena.

For the inaugural Lightning Talks Series, Elaine Chew shared the work co-authored with Michele Orini and Pier Lambiase in the recent European Heart Journal CardioPulse article, Putting (One’s) Heart Into Music. Get a 5-minute synopsis of the paper at:

Do check out the many brilliant flash talks in the playlist. Learn about how tomatoes respond to sound (Jonathan Drori), the strange creatures at the bottom of the abyss (Helen Scales), the wonders of the autistic mind (Keivan Guadalupe Stassun), 3D graphics you can grasp and touch (Asier Marzo), just to name a few. Other talks on music are JoAnn Kuchera-Morin’s on how the composition process can help scientists/engineers and Bertolt Meyer’s on bionic arm EMG-generated music. Enjoy!

Sci Foo Lightning Talks from 13-15 May 2021

Sci Foo Lightning Talks from 13-15 May 2021