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Behind the scenes: ARTE.TV 42, La réponse à presque tout : Entendons-nous tous pareil ?

The ARTE.TV documentary on sound and hearing in 42, la réponse à presque tout (42, the answer to almost everything) was released at 05h00 today: interviews on auditory reception, cognitive processing, applications in medicine, in music, and urban sound design.

42, la réponse à presque tout : Entendons-nous tous pareil ?

The filming took place on 10 June 2021, from the main hall in the Centre Pompidou to Studio 5 at Ircam and back to the CP walkways. The producers of 42, Dorothee Ott and Sven Waskoenig of the German television station Hessischer Rundfunk peered out from an iPad inside a box carried around by cameraman Patrice Livet, assisted by Martin Lescieux. Production assistant Mareike Schulze made the trans-national arrangements, and Ircam communications director Marine Nicodeau coordinated the location and access to Centre Pompidou. Daniel Bedoya recorded the piano. The result scenes for : Entendons-nous tous pareil ? (Do we all hear the same way?).

Cameraman Patrice Livet at the end of the day