Emily Graber demos Contemporary Music Embodiment with Sensors at IRCAM Forum Workshop

Emily Graber will present a demo on Contemporary Music Embodiment and Perception at the IRCAM Forum Workshop (Atelier du Forum Paris 2022) at 14h30 CET on Friday, 25 March. Presentation open to IRCAM and Forum members in Studio 5.

Abstract: Here we demonstrate newly composed music, a real-time controller, and data acquisition system for the project EAR Stretch. EAR Stretch aims to improve Contemporary Music reception in non-expert audiences by enhancing embodied temporal expectations within the listener through real-time tempo control of the music. For this project, we’ve created piano works for Disklavier which can be controlled in real-time through a tapping interface. Physiological responses from listeners will be recorded to investigate the impact of embodied interaction with the music. Measuring physiological signals in this ecologically valid setting is made possible by data acquisition systems and sensors with wireless interfaces. Using Lab Streaming Layer, we demonstrate how to record data being streamed from electrocardiography sensors and electroencephalography sensors in synchrony with the live Disklavier performance.