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The Psychophysiology of Music: Society for Psychophysiological Research President’s Symposium

On World Heart Day, 29 September 2023, Elaine Chew spoke on Music and the Heart at the President’s Symposium dedicated to the Psychophysiology of Music (10.30am-12pm) at the Society of Psychophysiological Research (SPR) Annual Meeting, which took place 27 September – 1 October 2023.

President’s Symposium : The Psychophysiology of Music

The session chair was incoming SPR president, Julian Thayer, double bass player and Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science at the University of California, Irvine.

The invited speakers were:
Psyche Loui, Northeastern University
Petr Janata, University of California, Davis
Elaine Chew, King’s College London
Stephane Guetin, Music Care and University Hospital and Montpelier School of Medicine

New Orleans, Louisiana