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Little Etudes for World Heart Rhythm Week

Learning piano during covid-19 lockdown? Or returning to piano playing after a long hiatus?

We will be releasing a series of Little Etudes for piano in short videos and scores based on rhythms of different cardiac arrhythmias, one per day, for World Heart Rhythm Week, 1-7 June, 2020. Abnormal heart rhythms affect >2% of individuals and are associated with morbidity and substantial economic costs. Read about types of arrhythmia and learn what is an arrhythmia on the Arrhythmia Alliance site.

Many may have discovered the Unexpected Solace in Learning to Play Piano during covid quarantine. The etudes combine easy-to-moderate piano pieces with abnormal heart rhythms to provide a fun way to learn about heart rhythm disorders, or at least think about them in a new light, while improving Beginner / Intermediate piano skills.

Etude Nº1: Atrial Fibrillation
Etude Nº2: Atrial Flutter
Etude Nº3: Bigeminy Sea-snatch
(Ventricular Bigeminy)
Etude Nº4: The Girl with the Labile T Waves
Etude Nº5: Per Torsade
(Torsade de Pointes)
Etude Nº6: A La Bru Rondo Turk (Ventricular Ectopics)
Etude Nº7: Wenckebach Lullaby (Wenckebach Block)

Here are some other pieces based on cardiac arrhythmias:

Arrhythmia Music Samples

The making of these pieces is described here.