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Ars Electronica IRCAM Garden+: AIxMusic debates & musical cardiac arrhythmias

The program and time table for the IRCAM AIxMusic Garden, Challenging the limits of AI for the next generation of co-creative tools, is now online. The AIxMusic Festival, a S+T+ARTS flagship event, is organised by Ars Electronica and the European Commission.

The COSMOS team is pleased to have contributed to three items (below) to the IRCAM Garden and the larger AIxMusic program at Ars Electronica ’20, broadcasts live then archived on the Ars Electronica YouTube Channel.

Demystifying AI with Music • SUN 13 Sep 11h00-12h00 CET • Ars Electronica New World Channel
Participants: Roberto Viola, Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission; Elaine Chew, pianist and Senior Researcher, CNRS – UMR9912 / STMS (IRCAM), Visiting Professor of Engineering, King’s College London; Patrick van der Smagt, head of AI research, Volkswagen Group. Moderator: Matthias Röder, director of Karajan Institute

Music touches our mind and our soul. It gives us pleasures, makes us think, and strikes us emotionally. What could be the role of AI in music then? Can AI draw inspiration from music? Can music offer insights for humans in the way AI works? Can music help reconcile AI technology with human priorities and needs? The conversation will reflect on these questions also in the light of a European vision on ‘trustworthy AI’.

Little Etudes for piano • FRI 11 Sep 16h21–16h30 CETArs Electronica Voyages Channel
Compositions / performances: Elaine Chew, Description of cardiac electrical anomalies: Pier Lambiase, Professor of Cardiology, Barts Heart Centre / UCL. Recordings: Daniel Bedoya, sound engineer and PhD student, Sorbonne University / STMS Lab

Little Etudes is a series of short piano pieces based on cardiac electrical anomalies. Aberrant electrical activity in the heart can cause the heart to beat irregularly. Abnormal heart rhythms form interesting musical patterns. The music provides a medium through which to learn about the cardiac electrical aberrations, each described by Professor of Cardiology, Pier Lambase. This rendition of the Little Etudes is recorded on the Bösendorfer VC280 Enspire PRO by sound engineer Daniel Bedoya.

Frontiers of Music & AI • SUN 13 Sep 11h30–12h20 CETArs Electronica Voyages Channel
Moderator: Elaine Chew. Speakers: Dorien Herremans, Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design; Philippe Esling, Associate Professor, Sorbonne University & IRCAM

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly prominent role in music composition, performance, and production. How does this benefit or undermine musicians? Where are such developments taking us? Two young protagonists at the leading edge of AIxMusic will debate the limits and future directions of AIxMusic, tackling topics ranging from classic questions of AI takeover to therapeutic and gaming applications to discussions of lightweight deep AI, of uncertainty and unknown models and dimensions.

Ars Electronica Inside Festival • THU 3 Sep 2020
Introducing the Brussels, Silicon Valley, and Paris AIxMusic Gardens

In this edition of Ars Electronica Inside Festival, Hugues Vinet (IRCAM Director Innovation) introduces the 6 upcoming events in the IRCAM AIxMusic Garden, including the Vertigo Forum Musical Generatives panel Hugues moderates, featuring Douglas Eck, Erin Gee, Giulia Lorusso, Alessandro Rudi, Jérôme Nika, and Alexander Schubert.