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Arrhythmia Music and Wacky HeartFM Soundtracks Featured on Unexpected Elements

Our arrhythmia music and wacky heartfm soundtracks have been recognised by an Unexpected Oscar alongside the (very noisy) Danionella fish and an outdoor sweating manikin on Unexpected Elements, a BBC World Service programme.
Many thanks to producer Alex Mansfield and huge respect for the energetic and droll presenters Marnie Chesterton, Godfred Boafo, and Camilla Moto.

Listen to the program at The Best Original Music award is announced around 14’20” into the program.

More examples of arrhythmia music :

To learn more about how the arrhythmia music was made, see chapter in :

Archived on HAL:

Chew, E (2021). On Making Music with Heartbeats. In ER Miranda (ed.): Handbook of Artificial Intelligence for Music – Foundations, Advanced Approaches, and Developments for Creativity. Springer Nature Switzerland AG. doi: 10.1007/978-3-030-72116-9_9.

To learn more about the HeartFM study, see .