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World Piano Day : Heart.FM study launch

We are happy to announce the launch of the HeartFM study on World Piano Day. Fancy having your blood pressure taken and continuously monitored while listening to music ? This is the study for you ! Follow instructions below to sign up.

You’re invited to participate in a study to look into the effect of music on listeners’ blood pressure, the electrical behaviour of their hearts, and their breathing. 

The HEART.FM study takes place near Waterloo Station and lasts one hour. We particularly encourage participants over the age of 35, both healthy and hypertensive.

We are asking volunteers to sit comfortably and listen to music. As you listen, external monitors will record your body’s response to the music such as the electrical activity of your heart, pulse, and blood pressure. The total music lasts about 40 minutes. Parts of the music may be invigorating and parts of it calm and pleasant.

You will receive a £15 Amazon voucher after the study as a thank you.

The data you give will be analysed to look at your blood pressure, pulse, and heart electrical responses to the music. Results will be published in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, and other academic publications, and on the web and social media. You can find more information on our research here.

To book a time to participate, please follow this link.

If none of the times available are convenient for you, please email to arrange another time.

Thank you for considering taking part, and please do share with others who may be interested!

Acknowledgements: This study is sponsored by KCL-GSTT in collaboration with UCL. It is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme] (Grant agreement Nos. 957532 and 788960).