Boulez Homage : Sonata No. 1 and Somax2

Preparations for the Boulez Homage at IRCAM Friday/Saturday, 26-27 January, with Gérard Assayag and somax2. In anticipation of Boulez’s centenary, the homage will take place at Mathemusical Encounters in Singapore (MES) to take place 19-23 February 2024. The culmination of a plan hatched before the pandemic, Elaine and somax2 (guided by Gérard) will engage in an open, semi-improvised dialog.

Boulez Homage : Sonata No. 1 with Somax2
In this excerpt, Elaine plays from Boulez’s Sonata No.1 with improvised prosody in response to somax2’s repartees to the piano. Somax2 recombines material from vocalist Valérie Philippin singing Aperghis’ Pub II and recorded improvisations by cellist Francesco Guerri from the Italian group Tell Kujira and clarinettist Jean-Brice Godet. The improv session starts with piano and cello, and the voice enters at 1:09.
Elaine Chew and Gérard Assayag in rehearsal at IRCAM Studio 3. Photo by Nicole Bernot

A collaboration between two ERC projects, REACH (PI, G Assayag) and COSMOS (PI, E Chew).

Left-to-right: Clément (sound engineer), Gérard Assayag, György Kurtág (junior)